In Search of Self

Do you ever wonder who you really are
and where you fit into this life?

Could you use a comprehensive plan
for you to gain a total physical, mental,
and spiritual perspective of who you are?

Would you like a simple set of principles and mental guides
to help you achieve happiness?

Watch our free presentation after you
print out the charts below.

Happiness Proaction Plan

Single-Minded Man and Double-Minded Man

In spite of experiencing the effects of pancreatic cancer,
Ronald A. Newsom, Ph.D., MFT,
continued to offer his loving help
and heartfelt support to those who may feel
lost in a sea of uncertainty, self-doubt or fear
by recording these teachings until
shortly before his death on September 28, 2017.

If you are on a quest to find out who you really are,
we hope you enjoy hearing Dr. Newsom and feeling his love
as he introduces you to these simple,
yet life-changing concepts.

We are now here for you as we carry on his work
of helping you change your life for the better .

NOTE:  Make sure to print out the charts first
since the audio bar covers some of the text on the screen.

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