When Nature Wants a Man

Quote:  “When Nature Wants a Man” by Angela Morgan

When Nature wants to drill a man, and thrill a man, and skill a man.

When Nature wants to mold a man to play the noblest part;

When she yearns with all her heart to create so great and bold a man

That all the wold shall praise—watch her method, watch her ways!

How she ruthlessly perfects whom she royally elects; how she hammers him and hurts him,

And with mighty blows converts him into trial shapes of clay which only Nature understands—

While his tortured heart is crying and he lifts beseeching hands!—

How she bends, but never breaks, when his good she undertakes…

How she uses whom she chooses and with every purpose fuses him, by every art induces him

To try his splendor out— Nature knows what she’s about.

When Nature wants to take a man, and shake a man, and wake a man;

When Nature wants to make a man to do the Future’s will,

When she tries with all her skill and she yearns with all her soul to create him large and whole…

With what cunning she prepares him!  How she goads and never and never spares him,

How she whets him, and frets him, and in poverty begets him…

How she often disappoints whom she sacredly anoints, with what wisdom she hides in him,

Never minding what betide him though his genius sob with slighting

And his pride may not forget!  Bid him struggle harder yet. Makes him lonely so that only

God’s high messages shall reach him,

So that she may surly teach him what the Hierarchy planned.

Though he may not understand, gives him passions to command.

How remorselessly she spurs him with terrific ardor stirs him when she poignantly prefers him!

When Nature wants to name a man and fame a man and tame a man;

When Nature wants to shame a man to do his heavenly best…

When she tries the highest test when she wants a god or king!

How she reins him and restrains him while she fires him!

Keeps him yearning, ever burning for a tantalizing goal—lures and lacerates his soul.

Sets a challenge for his spirit, draws it higher when he’s near it—makes a jungle that he clear it;

Makes a desert that he fear it and subdue it if he can—so doth Nature make a man.

Then, to test his spirit’s wrath hurls a mountain in his path—puts a bitter choice before him

And relentlessly stands o’er him.  “Climb or perish!” so she says…

Watch her purpose, watch her ways!

Nature’s plan is wondrous kind could we understand her mind…

Fools are they who call her blind.

When his feet are torn and bleeding yet his spirit mounts unheeding,

All his higher powers speeding, blazing newer paths and fine; when the force that is divine

Leaps to challenge every failure and his ardor is sweet

And love and hope are burning in the presence of defeat…

Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout that must call the leader out.

When the people need salvation doth he come to lead the nation….

Then doth Nature show her plan when the world has found—-a MAN!

Commentary:  Providence has forged great individuals through adversity.  We likewise are forged in the crucible to try our faith!

We can square our shoulders and march forward, “no matter what” the circumstances are of little consequence if we do the right thing for the right reason NOW!



Dr. Ron’s Almanac

Ron Newsom is my name, and HAPPINESS is my game! Come join me on a happiness safari to discover, learn, and apply the wisdom of the ages.

There are many who have gone before us and have tasted peace of conscience and tranquility of mind that are the fruits of happiness. This will be a personal search as well as a group effort.

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Quote: “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it follows, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.” (Shakespeare)

Commentary: To be true to self involves honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. We are often tempted to deceive, rationalize, or avoid responsibility and accountability for what we know is true, correct or right.  I have learned when I am honest with myself, I feel that I am doing the right things for the right reasons. (Dr. Ron)

Quote: “The Buck Stops Here! (President Truman and others)

Commentary:  Accept it! Do it! Learn from it! Grow from it! (Dr. Ron)