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Ronald A. Newsom, Ph.D. (Ron) is the well-loved and acclaimed founder of the Liahona Light Institute of which the Liahona Light Academy is it’s online extension. He helps you discover and heed the “Liahona Light” within you.

Affectionately called “Ron” by his friends and clients, he is dedicated to facilitating in individuals the rediscovery of their innate, inner worth or “true identity”. Desiring to help others in their quest for happiness, he enthusiastically teaches, develops and promotes effective relationship skills which help people get safely out of comfort zones so they can move on to new, happier beginnings.

Ron served 23 years in the United States Air Force and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He was privileged to serve in the Strategic Air Command and was a B-52 Aircraft Commander and Flight Instructor.  He received his Masters of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University—where he was asked to continue as a teaching professor in the same program.  Ron became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and served as Director of the Liahona Counseling Center in Arizona.

He is a man who cherishes family relationships.

Ron understands the ups and downs of implementing principle-centered living.  He strives to live his life in harmony with the principles he teaches, and yet he realizes no one is perfect.  His candor in such matters adds to his endearing presence.  Those who know Ron have found him to be delightful, consistent, unselfish, encouraging, positive, compassionate—and his teachings empowering.

We welcome you wholeheartedly to the Liahona Light Academy and hope you enjoy every part of your Liahona Light experience.

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